Sunday, August 31, 2014

The life of a Cupcaketree

I love my Cupcake Tree. I has served me very well since our wedding 2 years ago. 
Our Wedding 
Cupcake details here. Special thanks to Tresha of Pink Princess Cakes for her help frosting cupcakes and the amazing job she did on our top cake and bride and groom cupcakes. 

The next wedding was Tresha's she did an amazing job on the wedding cake, cupcakes and grooms Reese's cake. This shows how a simple plain Cupcaketree can still be elegant.

The next wedding was my brother and his wife. The theme was all colors, a rainbow! 

I knew I wanted to use the Cupcaketree for more than just weddings so I devised this set up for our Superbowl party. Thanks again to Pink Princess Cakes for the football cupcakes. 

Next came Ellie's Ladybug 1st Birthday Party. The top cake was a no sugar super healthy cake by Pink Princess Cakes. she made cupcakes of the same recipe for all the other babies and toddlers and it was sooo yummy. 

A Lego Birthday Party (instructions to build at that link) for my nephew. I switched out the risers for posts made of Megablocks for the Lego Theme. The stickers on the rounds have the Lego logo printed on them to make it look like a building base. ( I cannot take credit for the adorable cupcakes or top Lego cake, they were done by my aunt)

The next party was an Around the World Amazing Race party for a friend's birthday. The Dessert table was Europe themed, so the German chocolate cakes got a German Flag inspired cupcake tree.

The most recent use was only 2 of the middle layers to make a platform for the Strawberry Shortcake house cake, also done by Pink Princess Cakes

For a nature-inspired simply decorated wedding reception

I was glad I left the wood theme contact paper on the cupcake tree when I re-used it for the carousel cake: 

For this, I replaced the risers with popcorn tins covered with scraps of a table runner left over from another party, and gold swirl paper straws. The top cake is even on a lazy susan so it spins like a real carousel!  

Most of these uses omitted the bottom level, what I love about the Cupcaketree is that it is flexible like that.

A few tips for decorating. A single table cloth can be used to cover the rounds easily when the bottom is not used, possibly with the bottom if you are careful. Just wrap and tape the plastic or paper onto the cardboard side of the rounds (not the white side). If you tape to the white side, and rip the tape off, it will show through some thinner, lighter colored table clothes the next time you use it. For the risers, I just lay them flat and wrap them like a gift and then cut the wrap for the tabs to stick out and tape to keep taut. The risers do not have to be perfect. Ribbon works well on the edges, just dab hot glue every few inches, spinning the round as you go. The cupcake tree can also be spray painted according to their website. They also sell end caps for the edges of the risers to cover the cut cardboard look. If you paint the cupcake tree, you will want to cover the edges with ribbon or something.

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