Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Minnie Mouse Birthday Party

Penny has been a little obsessed with Minnie Mouse lately so I was excited to do a Minnie Party
Box mix cupcakes with homemade red candy bows and mini fudge dipped oreo ears. 
Cake by Pink Princess Cakes
The Minnie body is actually just a toy, but with fondant bow and balloon. 
CANDY!! I just picked a variety of red, white, pink and yellow candies.
Find the bowls here
These pretzels were super easy to make. I cheated and started with Flips (store bought chocolate covered pretzels) and dunked half into melted red candy, tossed some sprinkles on, then piped a tiny little bow. Some of them got 2 yellow sprinkles instead and no bow, to make them Mickeys instead. 

This bunting was leftover from a Super Mario party which was leftover from the Curious George Party. It previously said "Presten" for my nephew, but I pulled the letters off and added the mouse heads to cover the scuff from pulling the letters off. The tassles were added from the Dollar Tree, they came with a white ribbon but I swapped for yellow to pull more yellow into the decor.  

Also from the dollar tree were Minnie and Mickey Childrens books and fuzzy posters. Each child got to pick one of each, but we ended up with enough extras some families got multiple books. 

Cake getting ready for wishes! 

Instead of party hats, we had EARS!
The crepe paper ribbon table runner was reused from another party. 
The little Minnie topiary thing was repurposed Super Mario pirana plant pot (flipped over) and covered with polka dot napkin circles (from the Super Mario tables) with re-painted pokeballs hot glued together.
The paper straws can be found here

The cups were regular red solo cups with white dot stickers added by my kids a few days before the party. 

For napkins/forks, I made these little bows to pass out with the cake. 
Walmart had Minnie and Mickey plates, which I realize were unnecessary since the pizza parlor provides plates, but I thought they would be fun! 

Make a wish!
I had done a similar cake for the Pokemon Party
Similar cake pan here

On the window behind the gifts was another tassel garland from Dollar Tree

Product links are aff links, it wont cost you more to use my link, but I get a tiny bit of money when you use my link, regardless of what you actually order. 

Friday, January 19, 2018

Underwater Adventure to Shellabrate Ellie Turning 6!

Ellie did not want a party, she wanted an underwater adventure! 

croissant crab sandwiches with store bought crab salad, seashell pasta salad and Peanut butter and Jellyfish sandwiches

Gummy sharks, swedish fish, pearl whoppers and oyster cookies

bell pepper octopus with dip, "barnacles on drift wood" (ants on a log) Black pearl olives, and sea "cucumbers"

Fish and chips, get it?
spinach dip and pita chips
grapes and mangos

The mint and lilac chevron banners were from Oriental Trading

Goodie boxes. I had these little cardboard boxes from somewhere and had my kids paint and decorate with stickers. Inside were Finding Dory themed snacks, pencil toppers, toy ocean animals and a dolphin necklace 

we decorated all over the shop with shells and glass gems

kinetic sand with ocean animals

water bead sensory bin

we gathered all the ocean themed toys and puzzles for the playroom. 

Sandcastle cake by Pink Princess Cakes 

Box strawberry cake mix cupcakes with crushed frozen strawberries mixed in. On top were some homemade chocolate shells  and some store bought chocolate shells The frosting was homemade cream cheese frosting sprinkled with blue sugar and the "sand" is crushed graham crackers and gold sugar. I just dipped the edge of the cupcake into the crumbs. 

Farm Party

Penny's 3rd Birthday was a Farm party! 
We decorated with cow print, gingham, and farm toys. The cow poster was from a haul of freebies from a retired teacher. This pizza place is decorated with sports posters and pictures, so the cow poster helped cover some of that. 
I made this barn back drop the little farm animals have party hats! The cows are eating Rice Krispies treats "hay bales" (rolled in crushed shredded wheat and wrapped in orange twizzler pull and peel candy.

They even have this old school horse ride-on!

I got this plastic barn door back drop to cover a trophy case at the pizza parlor for photos. 

To dress up the tables I used cow print tablecloth and re-used the gingham table runners from the butterfly picnic themed party.  Between both my kids and their grandpa the collector we had enough modern and vintage toy barns and stables and animals to decorate each table. 

These farmer, pig and cow photo props were a big hit! I was able to hang them on a barrier bar thing between the tables and walk way so kids could stand behind them. 

Product Details
(amazon photo)

The party hats were animal visors. 

Opening gifts 
"Garden baby"

Make a wish!

We brought farm toys from home and used the fencing to corral all the adorable cupcakes by Pink Princess Cakes

Party Favors: 
These little farm boxes were sold as a school/class activity with little animal cards to color. They were way less $ than buying "party favor boxes". I recommend thinking outside the box (pun intended) when looking for party supplies! 

Inside each party favor was a farm animal book, small stuffed animal and snack. We also provided quarters for the small kids arcade at the pizza place. 
Favor Tags (see what I did there?) 

When we got home we noticed our neighbor's animals were near the fence. A perfect way to end the farm party day: 

Farmer Penny had a great birthday!