Friday, March 20, 2015

Putting the ART in pARTy!

I couldn't resist doing a rainbow art themed party for my little artist!

She wanted a rainbow pony unicorn party. We compromised.
Cake courtesy of Pink Princess Cakes

Paint brush Pretzels and Rainbow Chips Ahoy

We had hot dogs (because kids love hot dogs and they are super easy!) 
(you see what I did there? a rainbow of condiments)
We also had a rainbow fruit tray and veggie tray. 

For the kid's cupcakes, I got little pallets and set out a rainbow of sprinkles and plain frosted cupcakes. 
Kids loved decorating their own. 

I didnt get a picture, but we also had Scribblers popcicles instead of ice cream. 

And to drink:

(get it colorless watercolors?)

Besides the cupcake decorating, we had other artistic activities. 
The table runners on the tables were blank papers and the centerpieces were buckets of crayons and markers. 

As each kid arrived, they picked an apron to wear and keep. 
(there were 2 of each color lined up in rainbow order)

We had 3 easels, 3 had paint and 2 had chalk on the back sides. 

Once the aprons were gone/moved over, we hung paintings to dry. 

The aerial view of the room:
You can sort of see the food table back drop in this picture, the paint splatter table clothes were only big enough for the top of the table, so I did a rainbow effect of solid colored table clothes on the fronts. Behind the table is a crepe paper rainbow backdrop. 

I just realized I took more pictures of the decorations, but I need to upload them. 

Buggy First Birthday

For Penny's first birthday, I decided to do a Bug theme. I didnt want it to be too cutsie, but I also didnt want it to be too realistic or yucky looking.

I made low sugar banana bread frosted with mashed banana and PB2 to hold kiwi slices on to make a green caterpillar with blueberry legs.

For cupcakes I went with super simple dirt cups (cake, pudding, gummy worms, chocolate rocks and green coconut grass)

One activity was building bugs out of craft supplies. 
At this table we also had some headbands and fuzzy sticks to make antennas. 

We also had Digging for Bugs
And bug jar decorating

For food I made a variety of buggy foods:
some of them are on bendy straws to be safer for kiddos, the rest are on skewers because they were much faster. 

butterfly shaped pretzels (which were all broken in the box :( ) and crackers and a dip in the ant bowl
I reused the ladybug bowls from Ellie's first birthday and made strawberry ladybugs

I bought a bumblebee cupcakes kit long ago, I used the antennas and eyes for the twinkies. The wings are candy pretzels. The chocolate bumblebees are just chocolate covered pretzles drizzled with yellow and dotted with white eyes. They are nested in some bit of honey candy. 

Beetle Juice! 
The bug cups were just green cups I had on hand with extra bug stickers I bought from Oriental Trading Company. 

I used a random collection of buggy stuff for decorations:

On the tables I laid out astroturf and plastic bugs and flowers. 

These little guys tried to crash the party. 

I didn't get a picture of the favors but I had bug themed rattles and bee bibs for each of the babies. The bigger kids got a bag of random buggy stuff from Oriental trading. 

Blueberries for Sal 3rd Birthday

I love the book Blueberries for Sal so even before Ellie's 2nd birthday, I knew I wanted to do a Blueberries for Sal Party for her 3rd.

For anyone who doesn't know the book, here is a quick run down.

Once upon a time a little girl name Sal and her mom go out to Blueberry Hill to pick blueberries to can for the winter. Sal has a little tin pail and manages to get 3 berries in before getting distracted eating berries. Meanwhile Little Bear and his mother are eating berries on Blueberries to fatten up for winter. I wont ruin the rest of the book for you.

In addition to the obvious blueberries and bears in the theme, I decided to go with Mason Jars, tin pails, and blue gingham for the decor.

The plan for the cake backfired because my cake girl's daughter was in the emergency room the night before the party and couldn't finish the blueberrry cream-filled cupcakes and large tin pail cake. I bought plain green frosted cupcakes from a local grocery store bakery and put 3 fresh blueberries or 2 teddy grahams(one small one large) on each one.

We also had cheesecake with blueberry pie filling served out of a mason jar. 
(I failed at getting a picture)
Blueberry yogurts on ice in a tin pail.
Blueberry Lemonade
The recipe was literally "Simply Blueberry Lemonade" with a bag of frozen blueberries floating on top. 
I found these adorable little chalkboard mason jar signs at Craft Warehouse. 

You can see the blue gingham in the background, I got a huge piece of fabric at a yard sale for $1. 
Under the cupcakes on on the favor table I put some circles and blue gingham designed scrapbook paper I had bought for the invitations that I didn't end up using. I got the little tin pails at various thrift shops and a bunch from Oriental Trading

Teddy Grahams and fresh blueberries (of course)
And for a break from all the blueberries, fresh fruit salad.

For activities, we had teddy bear shaped wooden picture frames to paint:

And a water table full of "blueberries" and tiny pails for scooping. 
(water beads)

The party favors were a variety of second hand teddy bears with blue ribbons and little jars of blueberry jellybeans. 

Everyone enjoyed the party! 

Monday, September 1, 2014

Casino 50th Birthday

I co-hosted a surprise 50th Birthday party for my Aunt. 

We had Kielbasa Kickers

Jackpot Cherries
Texas Holdem Jalapeno Dip

Poker Chips

Roulette Balls
The sweets table 

The cake by Haute Cakes and Creations of Aumsville Oregon

We used playing cards, black red gold and green decorations, poker chips, play money and wrapping paper.